About Heartfelt

I started Heartfelt Software in 2010 after about 25 years working in software development.

It is essentially a one-person outfit, though I do have links with other developers who can provide extra manpower or specialist expertise where needed.

My Heartfelt wish is to build software I can be proud of, and that makes people happy.


All Heartfelt work is underpinned by these core values:

Honesty: I will always be completely open with you about costings and timescales, and won’t try to sell you an expensive solution over a cost-effective one. If I don’t believe I can help you I won’t pretend I can.

Reliability: I will make every possible effort to deliver on-time, on-spec and on-budget. If unforeseen problems arise to threaten that, I will discuss them with you immediately so we can agree the best course of action.

Quality: I always endeavour to build software that is robust and trouble-free, able to cope gracefully with any eventuality.

Charities and non-profit organisations

Heartfelt offers reduced rates for charities and non-profit organisations. Furthermore, the Heartfelt approach has particular advantages in environments where it is important to make the most of limited resources:

  • Wherever possible I use Open Source components, which have no purchase or licensing costs. The simplest applications may require just installation and configuration of standard components; other cases may require some custom-written software to extend, adapt or ‘glue together’ the components to meet specific needs
  • I take an agile approach, which means fast results, flexibility to changing requirements, and the ability to deliver functionality in useful stages
  • I am comfortable working to fixed budgets, and can help you make the most of the available resources


Heartfelt Software is based in Frome, Somerset, UK.

I particularly welcome local projects with the opportunity to meet up face-to-face to discuss requirements and options. That said, I’m also very happy working on projects worldwide and can arrange my working hours to suit your timezone.